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One Last Pizza in Rome, Italy—Trastevere’s Pizzeria Ai Marmi is Magnifico!

Having finished our stay in Florence, Mrs. Pie and I had one night left in Rome before we headed back to America. Staying at a different Airbnb on this return visit to the Trastevere district, we excitedly discovered that it was just around the corner from Pizzeria Ai Marmi. This famous pizza joint that was […]

Another Italian Spin on Pizza—A Tasty Snack at Rome’s Pizza Boom

During our recent stay in Rome, Mrs. Pie and I were on a slow aimless journey back to our Trastevere Airbnb. Despite having just snacked on an Italian pizza variation at a place called Club Kave, we were still hungry. It was also still the afternoon siesta time that Italians call “riposo” which meant that […]

Pizza, Pizza Everywhere!—An Unexpected Slab at Club Kave in Rome, Italy

This latest installment of the Pizza Snob’s recent trip to Italy is more about a common experience than it is about a specific place. It really is pizza everywhere in Rome with just about every food establishment having something that they called pizza. This one case in point was a chain eatery called Club Kave […]

Roman-Style Pizza Magnifico—Virgilio in Rome, Italy’s Campo de’ Fiori

Day Three in Rome and Mrs. Pie and I were still winging it about what things to do on our tourist list and when to do them. After spending some time seeing the sites of the Roman Capitale and shopping along the Via del Corso, it was time for lunch. Mrs. Pie suggested we try […]

The Snob’s First Roman-Style Pizza Experience—Li Rioni in Rome, Italy

It was a Sunday and our first full day in Rome. Mrs. Pie and I had no specific pizza plans so I thought we might follow some Facebook advice we received from an American friend. So I made a mental note to locate the place she said was her favorite when she lived in our […]

The Snob and Mrs. Pie in Italy—Off to a Great Start in Rome at C’era una volta …la Pizza

Somewhere inside our brain is a place where we create and store imaginary mental images of the places we have heard of but have never actually visited. Mine had a directory full of almost sixty years of images of what Italy would be like. Finally, with the nest at home now empty, I was able […]