Pizza, Pizza Everywhere!—An Unexpected Slab at Club Kave in Rome, Italy

RESIZE 4This latest installment of the Pizza Snob’s recent trip to Italy is more about a common experience than it is about a specific place. It really is pizza everywhere in Rome with just about every food establishment having something that they called pizza. This one case in point was a chain eatery called Club Kave in the Trastevere section of Rome. Labelled a pasticcerie (translated as “confectionery”) it is a place that back home would be considered a combination bakery and deli. But, there as usual, sitting in the glass counter amongst the pastries and sandwiches, were cut slabs of cold pizza.

DSCN8050Mrs. Pie and I had pushed our morning shopping in Rome a bit too hard and come mid-afternoon we found ourselves hungry when we headed back to our Airbnb in Trastevere. Unfortunately, it was during that time between around 2:30pm and 4pm when most eating establishments close for the afternoon siesta that Italians call “riposo.”

Walking about aimlessly like lost tourists as we often did, we stumbled on Club Kave which was perhaps our only choice in sight. Nonetheless, we both found something that would satisfy our respective appetites. Mine was essential in keeping alive my streak of having pizza every day of our 10-day holiday.

RESIZE 1My slice (or more like a slab) was billed as a Margherita since it was just cheese and sauce. It was served cold (I was not asked if I wanted it heated) and cost only €2.00. The best way to describe this slice was that it reminded me of a cold leftover slice of Sicilian pizza that you ate right out of the refrigerator. It had the same texture of being bread-like on the bottom with the full layer of Mozzarella cheese and unseasoned tomato sauce on top.

Overall it tasted decent. Being cold, the cheese of course was congealed and stiff. All in all, it wasn’t bad as a quick snack, but it certainly was nothing extra special. Again, this is just an example of something that you will see all over town in different kinds of places.


PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing

Club Kave
Piazza Di Sant’Egidio


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