Another Italian Spin on Pizza—A Tasty Snack at Rome’s Pizza Boom

RESIZE 1During our recent stay in Rome, Mrs. Pie and I were on a slow aimless journey back to our Trastevere Airbnb. Despite having just snacked on an Italian pizza variation at a place called Club Kave, we were still hungry. It was also still the afternoon siesta time that Italians call “riposo” which meant that most restaurants were closed.

But alas, strolling down the main drag of Trastevere from the train station, we came across the flashy storefront of Pizza Boom which stopped us in our tracks. Peeking inside the door, we were instantly tantalized by the tasty-looking trays of “pizza” of many varieties.

RESIZE 2Pizza Boom’s wares were yet another example of pizza in Rome. While in no way dissing this yummy delight, I would much more call this version to be more akin to a selection of focaccia breads with different assorted fancy toppings. Eyeing over the colorful display under glass, I scanned over a least a dozen types to choose from. (They boast offering over 150!)  Pizza Boom was also far from modest, advertising their pizza as “The Best in the World.”

RESIZE 3Together Mrs. Pie and I made three different choices. Keeping at least one plain and simple, I asked for a Margherita, and sadly there was none. This led me to the fairly plain Pomodoro which was only graced on top with some Buffalo Mozzarella and sliced Pomodoro tomatoes. For the fancier two, Mrs. Pie picked one loaded with mushrooms and another filled with spinach on the inside that was more like a quiche than a slice of pizza.

Not waiting to see if we’d be questioned, Mrs. Pie jumped in and ask them to heat them all for us which they did expertly. Each offering was cut into small pieces (we went double on the Pomodoro choice) and they all came out served good and hot looking appetizingly pretty on a tray.

RESIZE 4Wow! They were all really good and tasty with Mrs. Pie taking the lead on their praise.  Each variety had its own unique delicious flavor atop the slightly crisp bread-like crust. It was perhaps half the width of a Sicilian slice you’d get back in the USA. Delizioso!  We left not a crumb.

This dressed-up twist on some of the plainer slabs we have seen around town was sure far from my fave calling of New York-style pizza. Nonetheless, it is an awesome treat well worth your try if you are ever in Rome. And Pizza Boom is the perfect place to make that happen.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfect

Pizza Boom
Viale Trastevere, 271A-273
00153 Roma, ITALY


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