UPDATE: Florida Panhandle’s 30-A—Peppinos Pizzeria Lasts Only One Season

Original Review: 05/23/15
Previous Rating: **** 1/2   Nearer Perfection

The Pizza Snob’s excitement last year about real New York-style pizza finally coming to the Redneck Riviera was short-lived. Unfortunately, after only a single season, Luigi from Connecticut has shut down Peppinos Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shop.

In the dark until my recent annual beach vacation with Ms. Pie, my anticipation of seeing a “Peppino’s” sign hanging out front this year ended with the sad sight of a Mexican Restaurant where the pizza joint once stood.

Prior to Peppino’s, another pie-maker, Pizza Nona, occupied this same space, also for a lone season. Here’s a pictorial history of the location over the last three years.

Pizza Nona outside - RESIZE

Peppinos - outside sign - RESIZE

Pepinos to Mexican - RESZIEI hope that Luigi is still making great pizza somewhere. Maybe another budding entrepreneur from the Northeast will come down to once again make some real authentic pizza on the Gulf.

Peppinos Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shop
4141 E. County Hwy 30-A Seagrove Beach, FL 32459
[no website]

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