UPDATE: Florida Panhandle’s 30-A—Amore Pizzeria Space is Now a Pizza by the Sea

Amore - RESIZEOriginal Review: 10/07/12
Previous Rating: ***1/2 Working On A Good Thing

Two summers ago, Mrs. Pie and I enjoyed a delightful pizza at a sweet rooftop patio location in Santa Rosa Beach. Had we not skipped it last year, we would have learned that Amore Pizzeria had vacated the space for the then second location of Pizza by the Sea.

While we previously gave Amore a slight edge over the new occupant, we are happy to see the Pizza by the Sea empire expand. In fact, this season, they have added a third location to the east in Seacrest which you can found out about elsewhere in my update.


Amore Pizzeria
Intersection of County Highway 393 and County Highway 30-A
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

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