UPDATE: Florida Panhandle’s 30-A—Pizza by the Sea Expands to Three Locations

Original Review: 10/07/12
Previous Rating:  *** Better than Dominos

Pizza By The Sea - patio - RESIZEThe new king of pizza on the Florida Panhandle is Pizza by the Sea. After starting out in central 30-A in Watercolor, the family-friendly place went west in 2015 to Santa Rosa Beach (taking over the former Amore Pizzeria space) and then east this season to a new small space in Seacrest.

Biking on the first day of our annual beach vacation, Mrs. Pie and my’s attempt for a lunch snack at the old Amore turned into an opportunity to revisit PBTS’s pie. The pizza verdict was that while it still lacks some basic authenticity, my previous rating may have been a bit harsh. Our taste buds both agreed that it was worthy of a slight upgrade.

Pizza By The Sea - outside - RESIZEParking our bikes down below, we walked up the stairs and were the lone customers atop their delightful outdoor patio. Being a Sunday, they were not serving their usual lunch time slices, so at the suggestion of our host, we opted for the small kids pizza ($4.99) which turned out to be just enough. It’s actually about the equivalent of two of their normally oversized slices.

Pizza By The Sea - pizza - RESIZEOverall, it was tasty but a little bit plain. This pie was crying for some oregano which was not available as an add-on. The dry crust still screams “cracker,” but thankfully the pizza was not over-cheesed like most found on 30-A. Our selection turned out to be a nice appetizer that really hit the spot.

Here’s a look at the new Seacrest location.

Pizza by the Sea - Seacrest - RESIZEConsidering the weak competition, PBTS is now probably the best pizza joint on 30-A. However, later on this year’s trip, we would eventually discover an Italian restaurant that serves up a pie that we think is better. Read on!

NEW PIZZA SNOB RATING   ***1/2 Working On A Good Thing

Pizza by the Sea

Watercolor Crossing
88 Watercolor Way
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 850-231-3030

Gulf Place Town Center
95 Laura Hamilton Blvd. Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

The Villages
10343 E. County Hwy 30A
Panama City Beach, FL 3241pp3



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