Jersey City’s Prince of Pizza— Invades Bayonne, NJ with Its Perfect Slice

prince-of-pizza-bayonne-outside-resizeEarlier this year I had the pleasure of discovering a great “street slice” place in Jersey City called Prince of Pizza.  While devouring one of their perfect slices, I was surprised to find that they also had a joint in the northern end of my neighboring hometown of Bayonne. News to me, I can only assume it to be a recent venture. So, on my next trip back, my daily activities in Jersey City offered me the chance to travel a few blocks across the Bayonne border to see how this satellite Prince of Pizza location compares to the original mother ship.

On my usual late lunch hour, I hit the place at about 2pm in the middle of the week and was their lone customer. POP-Bayonne is located in a small storefront in the middle of the block on uptown Avenue C. I was surprised to see that their outdoor awning doesn’t capitalize on the traditional Italian-flag logo of the Jersey City site. Instead they have designed a fresh new modern-looking design emphasizing on-line ordering.

With the afternoon news blasting on the tube, I ordered the pair of cheese slices with my name on them ($1.75 each, tax included) that were sitting on the counter in the back. I then took a table where I multi-tasked listening to the brutality of the current election news and reading some work e-mails on my phone.

prince-of-pizza-bayonne-inside-resizeAlthough the room was small, it was probably twice the size as the tiny Jersey City “grab and go” spot. However, sitting at one of their tables today was a challenge. The air conditioning wasn’t working, and a giant fan doing its best to provide comfort on this hot 90-degree day.

After a two-to-three-minute heat up in the pizza oven, the slices were mine and they were fantastic! POP has successfully brought its pizza perfection into Bayonne.

The POP slice may be a little heavier with cheese and oil than some others, but it is far from being overdone. The slices were really good and hot although the way through—a cautious eat, but I suffered no roof-of-mouth casualties. I got some help from the solid-charred bottom crust which let me do a full fold from tip to end crust which protected my mouth from the hot scrumptious contents. Neither overly-seasoned or bland, the blend of the cheese and sauce tasted downright delicious.

prince-of-pizza-bayonne-slices-resizeI felt like I was eating my slices in a dream-like state, simply lost in the enjoyment of just how good they were. To the best I can recall, the pie was pretty much the same as the JC location which says a lot.

If I lived in uptown Bayonne or lower Jersey City, this would definitely be my go-to place for a quick slice or a pie to bring home. But, like its parent in Jersey City, POP isn’t the kind of place you’d take your date after the prom. Nonetheless, this is East Coast NY-Style pie as good as it gets.

PS—This now poses a question to my fellow Bayonnites: Is Pompei Pizza still the city’s best? After a recent repeat at Pompei, the Snob still ranks it #1 on the peninsula. What do you think?

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***** Sets the Standard
Prince of Pizza
1102 Avenue C (between 53rd & 54th Streets)
Bayonne, NJ 07002


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