Vauxhall, New Jersey’s Joe’s Pizza & Pasta – Mushy & Greasy, But Sure Good & Tasty

Joes Pizza & Pasta - outside - RESIZEAlways looking for a “new” Jersey adventure with the Texan Mrs. Pie, I thought it was about time to show her all the things we can’t afford at the swank Short Hills Mall. To give you an idea about the extravagance of this place, the new car on display inside was a 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost with a sticker price of a meager $356,800.

Passing on the chance to upgrade my wheels, I instead looked for a nearby pizza joint while Mrs. Pie shopped. A somewhat confusing search finally led to Joe’s Pizza & Pasta that at this rush hour, would take us many more minutes than miles to get there.

My search was a bit bewildering in that Google was calling this place Joe’s Drive In Pizzeria. The thought of acquiring a slice from my car was quite a thrilling opportunity, but unfortunately one that never came to pass. Why the Joe’s that I found may once have been called this remains a mystery. Further confusing were the references to the current street address of this joint being in either Union, Springfield, or the correct answer of Vauxhall.

Looking for some late afternoon slice action, we made our way from Joe’s ample free parking lot up the steps into their big room. Grabbing one of many open tables, we were offered a by-pass of the counter and received some courteous wait service at our table. Your typical Jersey joint, the menu had the usual stuff on it, and the stacks of empty pizza boxes were working their way down as delivery time was commencing.

Joes Pizza & Pasta - inside - RESIZEIn a pre-dinner snacking mode, we ordered three cheese slices ($2.15 a pop), a side of meatballs and some garlic knots. Following along with what I had read on-line, Joe’s must make one of the greasiest slices I have ever stumbled upon. However, what really made Joe’s slice unusual was its soft, delicate and mushy crust that was full of bubbles inside and sort of resembled a crepe!

Although I doubt there was actually an egg in it, taken away from the usual pizza fixings, this crust could fool you. These slices were also quite ugly with our three samples cut rather inconsistently. The soft crust also made holding this slice up an impossibility. Fortunately, the cheese wasn’t too heavy, and the slice could be easily maneuvered by using both hands. I will add that ours were reheated with care and could have easily passed for fresh slices.

Joes Pizza & Pasta - slice - RESIZEBut, grease, soft crust and aesthetics aside, this sucker was indeed quite tasty. Somehow the blend of the Mozzarella and tomato sauce on Joe’s slice created a delicious blend of flavor that I found easy to savor. Although there was something about Joe’s slice that was intriguing, I’m not gonna tell you to go out of your way to get there. But still, Joe’s is one of the Pizza State’s many great pizza joints.

PIZZA SNOB RATING **** Near Perfection
Joe’s Pizza & Pasta
2062 Springfield Avenue
Vauxhall, NJ  07088


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