Manhattan’s Mike’s Pizza—Just Another Ordinary New York Slice

Mikes Pizza - ourside - RESIZEAll I wanted to do was get a few slices of pizza on my way through Manhattan from the airport. But, the traffic gods had their way, and it was one of the most miserable trips I have ever made through the City. The east side was so congested, you would have thought that the President, Pope and the Queen were all at the UN!

I struggled on and eventually started heading south on Second Avenue to my predetermined destination. Even though I was getting desperate with closing time approaching, seeing the sign for a Mike’s Pizza on the corner of 24th Street made me pull over and park. Add my first name to the word “pizza” and I will check you out.

I parked on Second Avenue in one of those spots that you’re never comfortable about whether you are legal or not. Taking the chance, I made my way into Mike’s, a small and somewhat-worn typical pizza joint. Surprisingly at this late hour, the tables were about half full, and there was a line at the counter where Mike’s wares were on display. I queued up to order my slice in a hurry having the parked car on my mind. My patience soon started to wear thin as a young Manhattan Millennial struggled with how to pay for their slice with their debit card.

Mikes Pizza - inside2 - RESIZEAfter taking a seat and relaxing a bit, I was summoned back to the counter to claim my PC (“plain cheese”) slice ($2.75). Just one look at this one and I knew what I’d be getting in to. It’s a look I’ve seen way too many times, and foretold a slice that would be mediocre at best. There was no razzle-dazzle to it, and it’s dull orangey-white pale look was disappointingly staring me in the face.

Despite giving it a good toast in the oven, while it was hot on the top and somewhat crisp on the bottom, it was not heated evenly throughout. The cheese was slipping off a crust that was slightly thicker than necessary. Overall, it was oily, the cheese tasted lackluster and dull, and the tomato sauce was unwelcomingly sweet. This was just an average quick-constructed NY slice with a few flaws and just nothing special about it. Probably better than you’d find in Iowa, but not what you’d expect from New York City.

Mikes Pizza - slice - RESIZEMike’s been making pizza since 1974 probably keeping the neighborhood from having to call Dominos. But, it’s just not a place to seek out in a city with so much fabulous pizza to offer.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***Better Than Dominos  
Mike’s Pizza
415 2nd Avenue (corner of 24th Street)
New York, NY 10010 212-532-5196


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  1. Not a great slice of pizza.

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