Bayonne NJ Pizza in 2017– The Year in Review

Dominos - BayonneIs this for real? Despite being one of America’s greatest pizza cities, believe it or not, there is still a Domino’s in my home town of Bayonne, NJ. With all the great slices available around town, who would eat here is a mystery to me.

Here’s a brief recap of the year’s pizza news in the Peninsula City with links to the Pizza Snob’s original stories:

The old vacant Broadway location of the legendary Tony’s Pizza was taken over by 3 Brothers from Italy who moved downtown from their former home on the Boulevard.

Three Brothers - outside - RESIZEThe former Cottage Street home of the Venice reopened as Bayonne Patio & Grille, but it just wasn’t the same. With a former Venice chef at the helm, The Starting Point now seems to serve the best thin crust bar pie in town.

As the year closed, we were still waiting for the resurrection of the thin-crust and chicken wings specialist the Big Apple. It is slated to become a part of the El Aquila Dorado Mexican restaurant moving from uptown into the old Big Apple Broadway location. Originally planned for March 2017, activity is underway, but for some unknown reason this move has been long delayed.

Likewise, the famous Joe’s Pizzeria has been readying a move to a new location a few blocks south of its current one on uptown Broadway. Again, this one was started months ago, but was still in the works last time we checked.

Well, here’s to a great “Two-Oh-One-Eight” and a big thank you goes out to all the current and former Bayonne residents who supported the Pizza Snob in 2017.

By now, I think I’ve been to just about every pizza joint in Bayonne. I’m sure there’s one hiding somewhere that I’ll find in 2018! If I’ve missed one, please let me know!



  1. The Vic on 4thband Hobart Ave was missed. They gave the pizza maker from the big Apple and have their pizza andcantipasto and a few other items. Great food and menu

    1. Thanks Mary – not living in Bayonne anymore, this feedback is greatly appreciated. I will be back home in two weeks and I am definitely going to The Vic.

  2. dkidd201 · · Reply

    Just found this, it’s pretty cool as I grew up in Bayonne until I was 23. I loved in Th San Francisco Bay Area, for quite some time after and routinely missed my NJ pizza. I did manage to find two places in the Bay Area that became local haunts for me and my wife, Golden Boy Pizza in SF, serving only Sicilian slices until midnight most nights and Jupiter Pizza in Berkeley CA, coal oven baked with sourdough these pies, the beer served(as they are a brewery) and the outdoor seating is a year round chill spot. Check them out next time you venture out west.

    1. Thanks for the tip on Jupiter. With my son now living in SF I should be there soon. Did you see that I just wrote about Golden Boy last week? Loved it!

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