Eno’s Pizza Tavern—Chicago Tavern-Style in Dallas’s Oak Cliff

Enos Pizza Tavern - Outside - RESIZEMy business meetings were over right after lunch, and the plane didn’t leave until 7pm. This meant that there was plenty of time for an afternoon pizza adventure in Dallas on this lovely spring day. With my research coming up as dry as a stale piece of crust, seeing the word “thin” in a write-up about Eno’s Pizza Tavern was about all that caught my interest.

Eno’s is in the gentrified Bishop Arts District, south of Downtown in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Surrounded by scores of those new apartments that the young folks choose to live in these days were several blocks of shops and eateries in a delightfully hip and inviting neighborhood. It was a great day to walk these streets, but my mate and I first found Eno’s which sits in a renovated 1922 brick building.

Seeing the empty outside front patio, we found it unnecessary to even enter Eno’s doors. We also made a quick decision to order a pizza of which half would be covered with sausage for my travelling companion. He also took advantage of their bar offerings and very much enjoyed one of their craft beers.

Enos Pizza Tavern - Patio - RESIZEEnos Pizza Tavern - Bar - RESIZEThere’s and old adage that if you ever want your food to come, just go to the bathroom. Well, I did just that and seeing our pizza sitting there on my return made me want to turn right around and leave. I did not suspect that “thin” meant a Chicago tavern pie rather than the kind you’d find in Jersey. And there it was, that dreaded tavern-style crisscross cut of tiny squares. Frighteningly, the cheese on top of this pizza was whiter than a snow blizzard, and it made me wonder if they forgot the tomato sauce.

While I can’t say I didn’t somewhat enjoy what I was eating, to call this thing a pizza is a real stretch. I felt like I was almost eating nachos! (After all, this was Texas and that bottom crust wasn’t much thicker than a tortilla chip.) While I could say that at least it was crisp and moderately tasty, then again, I start to cringe a bit much when I see mozzarella cheese abandoned for oil-gushing provolone. I did try a taste of the sausage, and it wasn’t too bad.

Enos Pizza Tavern - Pizza - RESIZESo, if you are looking for a good snack to nibble on while drinking some hip tasty beer, Eno’s pizza will suffice. However, if you are in Dallas, and “serious” about your pizza, I’m suggesting that you go someplace else.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     **1/2 Perhaps Not a Total Waste
Eno’s Pizza Tavern
407 N. Bishop Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208


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