Antonio’s Pizza – Slice Place in Port Chester, NY

Antonios - outside - RESIZEConcluding my stay in the Westchester County village of Port Chester, NY, I made a third and final pizza stop. This one was unexpected and only to accommodate my pizza-loving friend from Cali who had just arrived to join me for the evening’s concert at the famed Capitol Theatre. Although the place we went to offered the convenience of being the closest pizza joint to our hotel, perhaps I was a bit self-motivated by wanting to try a new place rather than take him to the best in town where I had already been.

Our destination was Antonio’s Pizza which sat in the corner of a somewhat-seasoned shopping center on one of Port Chester’s main roads. This was about a pizza place as one can get, and we made our way to the back counter to order some slices and salads for our evening’s nourishment. We then took space in a booth in the long narrow room.

Antonios - inside - RESIZEGetting right to the point, there’s really not much to say about Antonio’s slice. While adequate and mildly satisfying, as far as slices in the state of New York go, it would best be classified as a bit dull. The worst culprit was the end crust which was pale and dry, lacking both moisture and no taste. Far from awful and a notch up from chain crap, this average mediocre slice just tasted flat and was simply nothing to write home about.

Antonios - slice - RESIZEIn looking on-line, there are several great reviews of the place and its pizza, so I guess that just goes to show you that we all look for different things in our pie. However, for me, Antonio’s is a pizza joint I would only frequent out of convenience.

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing
Antonio’s Pizzeria
130 Midland Avenue
Pathmark Shopping Center
Port Chester, NY 10573


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