Slice City Pizza—NY Slice in Fort Worth

Slice City - outside - RESIZEReaders may recall that Mrs. Pie’s parents, who I will call A&C, live in Weatherford, TX. This ever-expanding city of 30,000 people, which now lies 28 miles due west of Ft. Worth on I-30, gets bigger and closer to FW every time we visit. A, her mom, likes nice things, especially in the food department, and wears out HEB Central Market in Ft. Worth’s Chapel Hill Shopping Center. And by that, I mean she sends somebody to drive 30 miles to go pick something up there like it was the corner grocery store!

Well, the good news about that was that there’s now a pizza joint in the same shopping center called Slice City Pizza. When my son, The Kid, and I saw their sign screaming “NY Pies & Slices” at us, we knew that we’d have to grab a slice on our next run to Central Market. Thanks to A, we of course didn’t have to wait long, and we made a quick pit stop there early one evening.

It was sure a surprise seeing Slice City in this location among a lot of rich-folk stores where it likely pays too high of a rent for just a pizza joint. Maybe they are thinking they’d capture enough shoppers looking for a quick slice to make things work?

Slice City - inside - RESIZESlice City - inside2 - RESIZESlice City has the typical setup for a place dishing out slices (tables to the left, counter to the right and an exposed pizza oven) although it was much neater and cleaner than something you’d find east of the Mississippi. Out on the counter was a tray of assorted slices that looked to be the remnants of the day. Among this selection was one lone plain cheese slice that had a sad pale half-cooked look. Although I could only imagine how long it’d been sitting there, I thought I’d take my chances and summoned it up through the young lad at the counter. The cost rang up at $2.98, and I took my two pennies in change.

I was quite amazed that this half-dead piece of pizza could be brought back to life as well as it was. It was actually cooked up quite well considering the circumstance that it was now long past the normal hours for slice time. Its bottom crust was completely covered with char and the slice was rock solid crisp—so much so that my fold produced an audible “crack.” The young fellow even prepped it to a perfect eating temperature—good and hot, but not to the point of burning my mouth. So far, so good.

But, as I started working at it, there was quite a discharge of heavy dark oil dripping onto my plate. Not a good sign and suggestive evidence that this likely was not made with a top-notch Mozzarella. It wasn’t, and that was its downfall despite the sauce and crust tasting OK. Somewhat consistent with most of the NY pizza I have found around Ft. Worth—it was just not the best-tasting cheese.

Slice City - slice - RESIZEOtherwise, it wasn’t all that bad, and I might try another one if I’m shopping and was hungry. Then again, I might not – there’s plenty to munch on over at Central Market.

P.S. The Kid was abstaining from pizza and thus had no comment.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing    
Slice City Pizza
4601 West Fwy #220
Fort Worth, TX  76107


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