Slice of Sierra Pizza Co.— Hello to Lake Tahoe!

Slice of Sierra - outside - RESIZELake Tahoe is beautiful! It was our first visit there, and our boys and their spouses were with us to celebrate Mrs. Pie’s numberless birthday. Nature notwithstanding, what I loved so much about Tahoe was its retro look which made me feel like I was back in the 60’s. While it was probably all the classic motor inns that set this mood, we went modern and stayed in an Airbnb.

Of course, the thrill of going anywhere for the Pizza Snob is seeking out new pizza. And anyplace packed with tourists is gonna have pizza. My only impediment to such adventure was the fact that out of the six of us, only myself and our eldest son, The Philosopher, hadn’t jettisoned pizza from their so-called healthy diet. Whatever happened to that cornerstone of good health—everything in moderation?

After a day or so or driving around the Cali side of the lake, I had spotted some pizza places. The first place I visited (which will remain nameless) looked so bad that I walked out. So, since my pie time would be limited, I got efficient with some on-line research and set some targets.

So, after a morning on kayaks in Emerald Bay, The Philosopher and I were given a short leash to satisfy our nature-driven hunger with a quick slice. With the lure of the sign in the window that read “Best NY Pizza by the Slice,” we visited my first choice, Slice of Sierra Pizza Co., while the others waited for us in the car.

Slice of Sierra - inside1 - RESIZESlice of Sierra - inside2 - RESIZEIt was mid-afternoon when then Prof and I stepped inside to find things rather subdued. However, it was quite obvious by the size and setting of the room that come evenings, this place got quite lively. We passed a long row of video games and grabbed two stools at the extended bar where we summoned up a pair of slices (at the tourist price of four Buckaroo Bobs each!) from our very fun and friendly waitress. Prof also ordered some special local beer to wash his down.

Looking over the menu while we waited, it’s pizza, pasta and salads at Slice. They also bill their pie as healthy via a non-GMO and gluten-free dough and organic toppings. I guess the good news is that I never noticed.

It took awhile for our slices to show up, but when they did, they sure made a fine first impression from the top. Scoring high in execution, they were long and lean, much akin to what I called the “Denver Slice,” that I found in Colorado. However, when I flipped mine over, the bottom was pale and devoid of any char. The weakness of this slice would prove to be its soft crust as well as its rather flat taste. Yes, the tomato sauce sure could have used some oregano and garlic to spruce it up a bit. (Note to the pizza chefs of the world – that’s your job and not mine!) The cheese was on the other hand rather tasty and served in absolute perfect proportion.

Slice of Sierra - slice - RESIZEWe were both hungry and despite the flaws, Slice’s slice was a decent eat. On a miles-from-New York City basis, it fared pretty well. It’s a miracle sometimes to find a slice this far from home that stays thin and where they understand that pizza doesn’t require an overload of toppings to be good. Work on that crust and add some spices and this slice could be a winner!

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***½ Working on a Good Thing
Slice of Sierra Pizza Co.
3051 Harrison Avenue #103
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


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