Paul Revere Pizza House—Quick Pie in the Philly ‘Burbs


It had been a long time in coming, but Mrs. Pie and I finally made our first trip to see our son, The Philosopher, and his wife at their new digs in suburban Philly. They moved just a few towns over to Lansdowne, and we found ourselves aimlessly looking for a place to have a late lunch on our way from the airport. Our pickings were slim due to both the time of day and the early summer COVID restrictions. However, my sweetie was thinking of me when she found an open pizza place called Paul Revere Pizza House.

This place with a name that had no connection I could think of to pizza, was a storefront in a small suburban shopping center where they have been since 1966. A counter to the right and a room to sit in the back was all there was to it. We both were quite hungry and got right down to business. Looking at the menu, I was unsure as to whether I wanted the Plain Cheese or Tomato Pie. I don’t remember quite how I phrased it, but when I asked, our waitperson told me I’d like the former. My hindsight now wonders whether I would have been better off choosing the South Jersey specialty instead.

34Cutting to the chase, I was quite surprised when a very large and thick square pie was placed on the table between us. When I looked down, I was also disappointed when I saw what looked to be a thick layer of low grade yellowy and oily burnt cheese on top. It wound up tasting as unsatisfying as it looked. The crust below was thick and about as crisp as a soggy marshmallow. As hungry was I was, I ate a few slices out of necessity. It was however more like eating cheese on bread than a slice of pizza which I guess isn’t the worst thing in the world.

6Mrs. Pie always worries that one of my bad reviews will put someone out of business. Well, I don’t think that I have enough readers to do that and let’s face it, this pizza has kept Paul Revere going for over 50 years and has even won local awards. Let’s just say that it was far from being inedible, but it just isn’t for someone who likes a traditional NY-style and takes pizza-eating seriously. Case in point, we took it home and The Philosopher scarfed it all down in a flash. That boy has never met a pizza he didn’t like. Like father, unlike son is what I say to that!

PIZZA SNOB RATING **1/2 Perhaps Not a Total Waste
Paul Revere Pizza House
193 Shadeland Avenue
Lansdowne, PA 19050


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