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Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop–Brooklyn’s Best NY Slice

Having done this blog for over eight years, I am truly blessed to say that by now the Pizza Snob has gotten to visit most of New York’s legendary pizza joints. But, earlier this year before COVID hit, I visited one that had long lingered on my pizza bucket list, Brooklyn’s Paulie Gee’s. Intrigued but […]

Luigi’s Pizza–A Perfect New York Slice on the Brooklyn Side

When I told my friend MW that I was heading to Brooklyn’s Park Slope to investigate the Joe’s Pizza War, he told me that it was a must that I also visit Luigi’s Pizza. Little did I know that it was just one block over and across the street, and little did I know just […]

Famous Joe’s of the Village–Now Joe’s Pizza of Park Slope

If it weren’t for the recent news of the latest New York City Pizza War, I may have never gotten to visit what is now called Joe’s Pizza of Park Slope. Following similar battles involving the names Patsy and Ray, this one was about the use of the name Joe’s in Brooklyn by the guy […]

Vinnie’s Pizza—A Fantastic New York Slice in Brooklyn

Over the years, the Snob has accumulated a list of recommended pizza places so long, that I rarely can recall the source of any one of them. Case in point was my recent selection of Vinnie’s Pizza in Brooklyn. This lack of background also fails to include whether the tip differentiated between their Williamsburg and […]

Brooklyn’s Best Pizza—A Name That Fits!

A little late to the game, while flipping the channels on someone else’s Direct TV, I recently came across The Pizza Show on The Vice Network, a channel I don’t get at home. I managed to catch a few enjoyable episodes that I thought were perhaps more fun-loving than informational. However, I did come away […]

Roberta’s–Brooklyn’s Pizza Superstore

If there was ever a pizza superstore, it must be Brooklyn’s Roberta’s Pizza. After hearing so much about this place which opened back in 2008, I finally made the long and winding journey to their giant compound on the lower end of New York City’s large island borough. The Snob thinks it’s sad that for […]

Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn–Yep, It’s the Real Deal

It only took three years for the Pizza Snob to finally get to Juliana’s Pizza, Patsy Grimaldi’s much-ballyhooed return to the pizza biz. Located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, along with his namesake Grimaldi’s and the unheralded Ignazio’s, this last leg of the Brooklyn Pizza Triangle truly lived up to my expectations. It was fantastic. As […]

Brooklyn’s Table 87—Home of the Coal Oven Slice Makes its Mark

Brooklyn is an awfully big island. Even after all of the times I’ve been there, I still don’t have a good sense of where things are. My alter-blogger Music City Mike ventured to its Gowanus section earlier this year for some live music at the Bell House. In need of a rest stop after parking […]

Lenny’s Pizza– Legendary Joint Still Stands in Brooklyn

When Bro said that he could have eaten another slice after our visit to L&B Spumoni Gardens, he should have known that The Pizza Snob always has a another plan. On my list of Brooklyn joints to visit was Lenny’s Pizza. In business since 1953, John Travolta made Lenny’s famous in Saturday Night Fever, the […]

Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn– Pizza Landmark Lives Up to Its Reputation

Despite all the great pizza places the borough has to offer, when you tell someone you are going for pie in Brooklyn, they assume you are going to Grimaldi’s.  The Snob was long overdue for his maiden visit to the place. Just before Thanksgiving, I was back in town and sought to rectify this situation. […]