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Val’s Pizzeria – Staten Island Joint Gets It Right

Readers of this space know that I originally hail from the fine city of Bayonne, NJ. What some may not know is that my home town is just a short hop away from New York City’s oft-forgotten borough of Staten Island. It’s a costly place to visit with the only current way of getting there […]

Brother’s Pizza – A Great Traditional Slice on Staten Island

Back home in the Pizza State, my brother and I decided to cross the “ever-lifting” Bayonne Bridge to see the Staten Island Yankees minor league baseball team. It’s one of the best Friday night deals around. For twenty bucks you get a box seat, cap, hot dog and a drink. However, if the Pizza Snob […]

Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern — Solid Staten Island Pizza!

Following the wedding of my youngest son, The Kid, I travelled back home to Jersey with Mom and Dad. After we arrived at Newark Airport just before noon time and Uber-ed home, I put into action my fastest ever “plane-to-pizza” plan to put some food on the table. This was my perfect opportunity to head […]

Nunzio’s —Some Special Pizza in Staten Island

The Pizza Snob is always looking for direction in his never-ending search for great pizza. Last year, I found a great source hanging on the wall at the famous Patsy’s in Harlem. It was a New York Times article by noted food critic Ed Levine listing six great pizza slices in the five boroughs of […]

Lee’s Tavern – Staten Island’s Hidden Gem for Great Pizza!

I recently made my first post-Superstorm Sandy trip back home to Bayonne, NJ, to see Mom and Dad. The storm was a tough experience for them although it could have been much worse. Thankfully, they are now back to normal. With the aid of the great Trip-It iPhone app, I laid out eight pizza stops […]

TOPPINGS – WCBS-FM Listeners Vote Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island “Best Pizzeria in the Tri-State Area”

The Staten Island Advance reported that out of 150 to 250 submissions narrowed to ten by the station, listeners of  WCBS-FM voted Lee’s Tavern  in Staten Island the best pizzeria in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Tri-State Area. Staten Islanders must be loyal listeners since last year’s winner was also on the Island–Ciro’s Pizza Café. Here […]

Thin, Crispy & Crunchy – Staten Island’s Joe & Pat’s

It was the Labor Day holiday, and the Snob planned a trip to the sometimes forgotten New York City borough of Staten Island. Always interested in seeing a good baseball game, I took the short trip over the Bayonne Bridge to see the Staten Island Yankees play. This minor league version of my favorite team […]