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“The Best Slice There Is” Brightens Times Square – Joe’s Pizza in New York City

Thriving off the thrill of trying new pizza, the Pizza Snob doesn’t often make return visits to pizza joints other than for convenience. The one notable exception has always been to enlighten others about the slice that I and many others consider to be hands down the best there is—New York City’s Joe’s Pizza. Over […]

Angelo’s Pizza—Coal-Fired Pizza Magic in Midtown Manhattan

Let’s get right to the point on this one. If there was ever a potential tourist trap pizza joint it would be Midtown Manhattan’s Angelo’s Pizza. This place sees a lot of traffic. Just a few blocks north of iconic Times Square, it sits in the same building as the famed Ed Sullivan Theater. Named […]

Times Square’s Famous Original Ray’s Pizza—Location, Location, Location!

The Snob has already taken a poke at all the pizza places in New York City that use the name Ray’s. One of these is the Famous Original Ray’s Pizza situated a few blocks north of bustling Times Square. According to their website, this branch of Ray’s has been in business since 1964 and includes […]