More Music City Pizza – Nashville’s Pizza Perfect Kebob

Pizza Perfect Kebob sits on Granny White Pike across from David Lipscomb University. Located since 1983 on a lone city block devoted to retail, I only recently made my first trip there. If the name surprises you, I am told that their owner is brother to Pizza Perfect’s owner who sports two Nashville locations! (I wonder if Nashville Scene “Best Pizza” voters get confused and combine their votes for all three locations.)

PPK is a nice little joint with a walk-up counter and a good-sized seating area to the side. The menu has the usual fare of pizza (including some gluten-free and low carb variations) as well as salads, subs, calzones and–as the name suggests–kebobs. I will leave those to The Kebab Snob to review!  If you are looking for a place to bring the kids, there is a neat video game room that joins PPK to the neighboring Subway.

At my Boss Man’s suggestion, we paid them a lunchtime visit. While my associates ordered and greatly enjoyed calzones, I opted for my customary couple of cheese slices augmented by what turned out to be a delicious “summer salad’ with grilled chicken.  To my fellow diet-conscious readers, I at least want to believe that the fiber and protein from the salad help counteract the heavy carbs of the pizza.

I must admit that I wasn’t very optimistic when I saw the two sad and lonely slices sitting in the four-story glass-enclosed pizza tower pictured below. However, I was soon to be very pleasantly surprised! I was impressed by how hot, tasty, and toasted my slices were after being reheated. It was love at first bite! The slices were marvelous, and I had no complaints. There were really no similarities between this pie and his brother’s.  PPK’s slice seemed to have less cheese but thicker crust and a unique, delightful spicing.

Hesitant to give too glowing a review on a single visit, I made two subsequent visits to PPK and unfortunately lost some of my enthusiasm over their pie. I was a bit surprised as to how puny the slice was at a dinner trip I made.  While coming out good and hot, for some reason it was not crisp at all.  Was its stale taste due to being left over from lunch?  Eyeing a family sharing a large fresh whole cheese pie, I realized that to close the book on PPK I needed to experience the same.

So, the following day I lured Boss Man to join me for lunch to share a whole pie.  Wisely, I allowed him to have half pepperoni. I must say that although we enjoyed what we ate, I now see that I was a bit over-zealous on my first visit. Our pie was a little bit thick with too much cheese and unusual seasonings. Nonetheless, it was still a good eat.  While their pie falls just a bit below its potential and lacks consistency, I would not hesitate to visit there again.

PIZZA SNOB RATING ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing    

Pizza Perfect Kebob
4002 Granny White Pk.
Nashville, TN 37204

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