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UPDATE: Atlanta Buckhead’s Ray’s New York Pizza Is No More

Original Review: 10/03/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** ½ Working on a Good Thing Whenever the opportunity arises, the Pizza Snob will check up on the places he has reviewed to look for casualties. Recently during my annual trip to Atlanta, the drive along Piedmont Road revealed that Ray’s New York Pizza had transformed into something […]

New York Pizza in Homewood, Alabama – A Place That Just Doesn’t Live Up to Its Name

If I behave myself, Mrs. Pie will let me stop for pizza along I-65 on our annual vacation drive to the Florida Panhandle. Timing has it that going down we stop in Montgomery while coming back it’s Birmingham. My pre-screened pick for this year’s return trip was the enticingly-named New York Pizza in Homewood, a […]

Pastafina—The Second Best Pizza in Weatherford, TX?

There are only so many times that the Pizza Snob can drive by a new pizza joint without having to give it a try. Such was the case over the Christmas Holidays with Pastafina Italian Restaurant in Weatherford, Texas. One day in my daily drive back and forth on South Main, I could no longer […]

Newark’s Dickie Dee’s Pizza—I Shoulda Had a Hot Dog Instead

Some non-pizza business brought me back to Jersey, so I got the notion to see what kind of pizza I could find in Newark. Who better for me to ask than my Twitter friend, Mayor Cory Booker?  Well, I never heard back from him. I guess my tweet got lost among the 76,058 tweeters he […]

New Orleans’ New York Pizza—Not Living Up To Its Name

As he approached his second pizza stop in The Big Easy, the Pizza Snob wondered if these NOLA places read my “Naming Your Pizza Joint” blog. Like Metairie’s Brooklyn Pizza, Uptown’s New York Pizza also employs the biz-wiz of name-checking a location famous for good pizza. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the latter takes that liberty […]