Rocco’s Pizzeria—A Super Slice and Sicilian in Avenal, NJ

Roccos - outside - RESIZEGetting ready to leave the Pizza State, I thought that on my way home from visiting Dad, I had room for at least one last slice. Near the middle of Jersey, my on-line intel led me to a piece that picked the best pie and two runners-up in each of the state’s counties. The top choice for my locale in Middlesex county was one that I found it hard to disagree with, Edison’s Brooklyn Boys. My selection among the two other joints mentioned was Rocco’s Pizzeria in Avenel that was convenient to my upcoming route home.

Rocco’s was a perfect choice since it was a simple straight shot off Route 1 onto the main drag heading into the city of Avenel. I easily found the place on the south side of the street on the edge of a residential district just before downtown started. I parked for nil right in front and while the folks inside were busy getting some orders ready, I found myself to be the lone customer at the late afternoon Sunday hour.

Since my appetite was speaking to me, I listened and ordered a tasty-looking square Sicilian slice to accompany my usual single plain cheese slice. Said order was placed at the counter on the right where the slices on display made a good first impression. The young lady serving me also scored big points when she asked me which Sicilian slice I wanted. After of course selecting the one with the two end crusts, I took a seat at a table on the other side of the room to wait. (BTW – Together my tab totaled a reasonable $4.95.)

Roccos - inside 1 - RESIZEBoth slices were quickly reheated and served together on a silver platter. The regular slice wasn’t overly large but was well-assembled and fairly standard in size and shape. It was however quite hot, but fortunately held together rather well. It tasted fantastic and was about as good a one as you could expect in these parts. Both cheese and tomato sauce came from good stock although they maybe could have been perked up a bit with some extra seasoning.

The crust had a strong char making for a good crisp foundation, albeit a little dry. Things did conclude with a perfect fold and rip with the tasty Mozzarella holding firm despite how hot my slice was. Pizzamakers observe—there is a way to make it hot and keep the cheese from slipping away!

Roccos - slices- RESIZEThe taste of the Sicilian was exquisite and about as perfect as a Sicilian slice could be. Nice and soft and just the right depth to it. I highly recommend it. If I was the Sicilian Snob, this would have gotten a perfect score.

If I lived in Rocco’s neighborhood, I’d probably be bringing a pie home every weekend. And if you find yourself on Route 1, it’s just a quick turnoff to a great slice of pizza!

PIZZA SNOB RATING ****1/2 Nearer Perfection
Rocco’s Pizzeria
57 Avenel Street #A
Avenel, NJ  07001


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