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Bayview Pizzeria in Bayonne, NJ—Not-So-Special Slice by the Bay

Guess what? I found another pizza joint in Bayonne. Driving back home along First Street after picking up my amazing bar pie from The Starting Point, I spotted a storefront that I had never before noticed: Bayview Pizzeria. In the nightly mode of bringing home dinners while taking care of my folks, the next evening […]

The Starting Point—A Bayonne (NJ) Bar Pie at Its Best!

Excuse me for saying again what I have said before, but after having been to 27 pizza joints in the town of my birth, Bayonne, NJ, could there really be any more that I have yet to visit? Well, I was back home again looking for some new pie to try. Thinking back to when […]

Grandpa’s Kitchen in Bayonne, NJ—More Pizza Turnover on Broadway

This is getting to be an old story. A simple brick storefront downtown on Bayonne’s Broadway continues to change hands—remarkably remaining its configuration as a pizza joint. Morphing from “long-standing” Mario’s Pizza to the “move uptown and then shut down” Lorenzo’s Pizza & Pasta, and after a blink of an eye as Pizza Bella, the […]

Jersey City’s Prince of Pizza— Invades Bayonne, NJ with Its Perfect Slice

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of discovering a great “street slice” place in Jersey City called Prince of Pizza.  While devouring one of their perfect slices, I was surprised to find that they also had a joint in the northern end of my neighboring hometown of Bayonne. News to me, I can only […]

Prima Pizzeria in Bayonne, NJ—A Decent Slice for the Schoolkids

Here’s a little Bayonne “mapography” from the Pizza Snob to preface this review. The streets running north-south on this narrow peninsula start with Avenue A on the west and end with a short Avenue F on the east. Kennedy Boulevard (Hudson County Boulevard until renamed for JFK) is between A and C and the retail […]

R.I.P.—Bayonne’s Wild Wood Pizza and Penne

So here’s a post-mortem on a pizza joint in my hometown that I never visited. Advertising their wood-fired pizza with the slogan “We do it with wood” had little appeal to me in a town with more conventional pizza ovens than fire hydrants! Sorry, the Snob likes his pizza the old-fashioned way. Although not as […]

Pizza at Bayonne, NJ’s Three Brothers from Italy—Dirty Looks Can Be Deceiving

Recently back home in Bayonne, I stood on a Boulevard street corner talking with a gentleman from the neighborhood. I asked him what he thought of Three Brothers from Italy, the pizza place looming in our background. “Dirty,” was all he said. Looking back, I agree that the storefront of Three Brothers could use a […]

UPDATE: Bayonne’s Pizza Masters Gets a Makeover & a Snob Upgrade

Original Review: 09/22/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING   **** Near Perfection OK-if you live in Bayonne, this is old news to you. But, in the fall of 2014, popular local joint Pizza Masters underwent a massive facelift. In the process, they more than doubled their space, redesigning and moving the counter from left to right and adding […]

UPDATE: Bayonne’s Tony’s Pizza Closed Once Again—Is This the End?

Original Review: 09/22/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING ****1/2 Nearer Perfection   Last Update: 09/21/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING ****1/2 Nearer Perfection In September 2014, one of Bayonne’s best and most-loved pizza joints gave us all a scare when it shut down suddenly without any warning or notice. Eventually, its owner (Tony’s son) told us it was just for […]

Fontana Pizzeria—Another Great Slice in Bayonne, NJ

Yes, there are still more pizza places to visit in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ. On the recommendation of my younger brother, last time home, I set my sights on Fontana Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. The twist this time would be my guest: our 87-year old Mom after a morning on line at the DMV […]