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Fort Worth’s Picchi Pacchi—Great Pizza from a Place with a Funny Name

The Pizza Snob doesn’t always get his way when it comes to picking the place for a family meal. But that didn’t stop me from making a quick side trip to Picchi Pacchi Pizza & Pasta which I unexpectedly spotted on our way to a fab lunch at downtown Fort Worth’s Bird Cafe. Seeing the […]

Granbury TX’s Nizza Pizza – Bringing Delicious Pizza (and More) to the Small Towns of Texas

Readers of this space know of my fondness for Nizza Pizza, one of the best places to get a classic slice of New York-style pizza in the Lone Star State. After first discovering their bedrock in Mrs. Pie’s hometown of Weatherford, I later visited a family-affiliated Nizza in Fort Worth. So when a late spring […]

Pastafina—The Second Best Pizza in Weatherford, TX?

There are only so many times that the Pizza Snob can drive by a new pizza joint without having to give it a try. Such was the case over the Christmas Holidays with Pastafina Italian Restaurant in Weatherford, Texas. One day in my daily drive back and forth on South Main, I could no longer […]

The Best Pizza in Fort Worth—Nizza Pizza On University Drive

My day with the Junior Snob Squad, that is my son and nephew, began with a lunchtime visit to Nizza Pizza in Weatherford. I am happy to report that they still make one awesome slice of pizza. Since we needed to head over to Fort Worth for some business, we thought we’d check out Hysen’s […]

UPDATE: Nizza Pizza—Still By Far The Best Pie in Weatherford, Texas

Original Review: 01/30/13 Over the Christmas Holidays, the Pizza Snob returned to Weatherford where I was pleased to find that Nizza Pizza is alive and well. I can also say that they are still serving up the best pie in town—one that certainly lives up to classic NY-style standards. And look what I found hanging […]

Pizza on Fort Worth’s Southwest Side—Part Two: Perrotti’s Pizza

The Pizza Snob’s Fort Worth pizza adventure continued with a visit to Perrotti’s Pizza. Technically located in Benbrook, Texas, the traffic to get the family there for a weekday lunch was still a mess. Judging by the faded sign at the strip center entrance, Perrotti’s has been around for awhile. The semi-abandoned center looks to […]

Pizza on Fort Worth’s Southwest Side—Part One: Palio’s Pizza Cafe

Over the Christmas Holidays, the Pizza Snob and his family had to drive through the constant traffic mess of the southwest side of Fort Worth. Using my “pie-dar” vision, I spotted two local-looking pizza joints. The first was Palio’s Pizza Café which I found situated in a busy strip mall on Bryant Irvin Road. It’s […]

Austin’s Pizza—Somewhat of a Drag on the “Drag”

My baby’s back up in [Nashville] And I’m…Down On the Drag –With apologies to Butch Hancock The “Drag” is what Austinites call the stretch of Guadalupe Street that runs along the western edge of the UT campus. It is a place where students can fill their needs for school supplies and other life necessities. Before […]

Poppa Rollo’s Pizza in Waco, TX – What Was I Thinking?

My Texas business trip took me from the somewhat familiar confines of Austin to unfamiliar Waco, a town I have only driven through. Always looking for adventure and realizing that this may be the only time in my life I might ever be in Waco, I found a pizza joint to try. There really wasn’t […]

Cozzoli’s Pizza—Austin TX’s Sbarro Wanna-Be

After experiencing pizza heaven at Home Slice, I went to visit some sites of the old Austin I remembered when I lived in Texas 15 years ago. I took a stroll down Sixth Street and walked through the gorgeous Driskill Hotel.  I headed towards the Paramount Theatre, a place where I saw many Texas greats […]