Hall of Fame

Here is The Pizza Snob’s Hall of Fame of 5-slice award winners. Click on the slice to see the respective review.

Felinis Slice - RESIZE Home Slice - slice - RESIZE Joes slice - RIESIZE Pompei slice - RESIZE

Felini’s Pizza

Atlanta, GA

Home Slice Pizza

Austin, TX

Joe’s Pizzeria

Bayonne, NJ

Pompei Pizza

Bayonne, NJ

San Vito Slice - RESIZE Di Fara - round - RESIZE Ignazios slice - RESIZE Bennys Slice - RESIZE

San Vito Restaurant

Bayonne, NJ

Di Fara Pizza

Brooklyn, NY

Ignazio’s Pizza

Brooklyn, NY

Benny Tudino’s

Hoboken, NJ

Three Guys slices - RESIZE Five Points slice - RESIZE Joey's Slice - RESIZE manny's Slice - RESIZE

Three Guys From Italy

Jersey City, NJ

Five Points Pizza

Nashville, TN

Joey’s House of Pizza

Nashville, TN

Manny’s House of Pizza

Nashville, TN

Bleecker Street Pizza slice - RESIZE Joe's Slice - RESIZE Patsys slice - RESIZE Sunnysides pie - RESIZE

Bleecker Street Pizza

New York, NY

Joe’s Pizza

New York, NY

Patsy’s Pizzeria

New York, NY

Sunnyside’s Bar & Grill

Sloatsburg, NY

Two Boots - slices - RESIZE Santillos slice - RESIZE Grimaldis-slice-RESIZE Villa Victoria - slice - RESIZE

Two Boots

Various Locations

Santillos Brick Oven

Elizabeth, NJ


Brooklyn, NY

Villa Victoria Pizzeria

Montclair, NJ

Lennys Pizza - slice - RESIZE Brothers Pizza - slice - RESIZE Stadium Pizza - slice - RESIZE

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Brooklyn, NY

Lenny’s Pizza

Brooklyn, NY

Brother’s Pizza & Pasta

Bayonne, NJ

Stadium Pizza

Jersey City, NJ

Nunzios - slice - RESIZE Rivoli - slice - RESIZE Tony Boloneys - pie - RESIZE Rivoli Pizza II - SLICE - RESIZE


Staten Island, NY

Rivoli Pizza

New York, NY

Tony Boloney’s

Atlantic City, NJ

Rivoli Pizza II

New York, NY

Famous Bens - SLICE - RESIZE Basiles - slice - RESIZE Table 87 - Slice - RESIZE Fiores Pizza - slice - RESIZE

Famous Ben’s of Soho

New York, NY

Basile’s Pizza

Hoboken, NJ

Table 87

Brooklyn, NY

Fiore’s Pizza

New York, NY

Deninos - slice- RESIZE Village Pizza - slice - RESIZE Totonnos - slice - RESIZE  RESIZE 3

Denino’s Pizzeria

Staten Island, NY

Village Pizza

New York, NY

Totonno’s Pizzeria

Brooklyn, NY




  1. Thomas Coll · · Reply

    Try Mama Rosa’s on 36th St. In Bayonne on your next visit to our home town. I worked for the Gagliardi’s for 6 yrs. Great atmosphere, good pizza, and nice workers.u

    1. Thanks Thomas–will do. I had a good dinner there once without pizza, and it’s a place my parent’s like to frequent. I will be back in January and have put it on my list.

  2. Margaret · · Reply

    Try Maggie’s Town Tavern in Little Falls! I’m a Bayonne girl, grew up on Joe’s Pizza (every Friday night, growing up), Naples & Pizza Master in my later years! I love your site! I’m a pizza snob, too!

    1. Thanks for the tip–I’ve added it to my list.

  3. Thanks, Mike … I,m sure you will enjoy the experience. Please tell my former boss Anthony I said hello from Oklahoma.

  4. Dude, unless I’m reading your travelogue wrong, you have not been to St. Louis. Your life’s work is incomplete until you come here. Back in the late 60/early 70s, seemingly every other corner tavern had its own kitchenette and produced their own, unique (usually thin crust) pies. Some were to die for. Those days are gone, but there are still some great venues.

    1. No – I have not, but you have certainly got my mouth watering! Please give me a few places to put on my list.

  5. Joel N Gordon · · Reply

    I am from Bayonne, lived there for from 1965 till I moved to Brasil in 2013, hard to find a good slice of pie here as they use too much cheese and put on toppings like I never imagined, eggs,tuna, anything! Plus they eat with a knife and fork, blasphemy! I did find 1 place here that deserves to be called the best NY/NJ style pie it is called La Fornarina, they have a Facebook page check them out! http://www.facebook.com/fornarinapizza
    They have a restaraunt and deliver too. Eating in the dining room I folded the slice and the waiter commended me on eating pizza pie correctly. Plus when they deliver by motorbike so it is hot they give you a small bottle b of olive oil. You need to do a review of Deninos in Staten Island, the best pie anywhere!

    1. Thanks for the great info Joel. I have been to Brazil (Joinville, down south) once myself before I became the Snob. I actually had some pizza that I recall wasn’t too bad. Also thanks for the reminder about Denino’s–I am home in a few weeks and will try to get over there–if the Bridge is open of course!

  6. Try Johnny V’s in Louisville – The Jack’s Cheese is our favorite.

    1. Thanks–I will there again in the summer.

  7. Gotta try pizza at the Reservoir Tavern in Boonton, Morris County, NJ – serving tomato pie since the 30s!

    1. Sounds good. On my list for sure. Love places with a history.

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